Concord Ford E-150 Service and Repair

Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service provides Ford E-150 cargo van owners with unparalleled level of service. Staffed by highly trained, ASE nationally certified mechanics, Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service can provide highest quality Concord Ford E-150 van service, diagnostics, and repairs.

In addition to our full service Concord auto repair facility, we also offer mobile mechanical repair service, as well as priority fleet maintenance and repair.

Every day your E-150 cargo van is not performing at its peak, it is costing you time and money. Bring it to Randy’s to get it serviced, diagnosed, repaired, and back on the road in top shape. We work with individuals and fleets, and we provide peace of mind to both.

Whenever your Ford E-150 is brought to Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service, we offer:

  • Full transparency
  • Priority fleet service
  • 24 months / 24,000 mile warranty on most parts and service
  • Written quotes

Every truck that comes through our facility undergoes a courtesy inspection, which gives us an opportunity to spot any impending issues, and to alert you before they develop into breakdowns or failures. This gives you an opportunity to schedule maintenance, and avoid extensive repair cost and unexpected, prolonged down time.

At Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service we can provide a broad range of Ford E-150 service, maintenance and repairs, including: oil leaks, fluid leaks, brake repair, brake pad replacement, clutch repair, water pump replacement, fuel pump repair or replacement, transmission repair, engine repair, electrical diagnostics, electrical repair, coolant leaks, window regulator repair, and AC recharge, to name just a few.

Whether your E-150 needs routine brake pads replacement, experiences “check engine” light, or is facing major repairs, we can provide you with superior service, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

So give us a call or set up an appointment online. We are here to serve you.

Randy's Mobile Auto Repair


Randy's Mobile Auto Repair

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