Concord Mercedes Sprinter RV Service and Repair

At Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service we specialize in Concord Sprinter service and repair. Whether you own a Sprinter RV, a Sprinter passenger van or a Sprinter cargo van, we can provide factory recommended maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. Mercedes Sprinter chassis servers as a base for a variety of Class B RVs. Mercedes-Benz is well known for its luxury cars, but outside of the RV and fleet owners, few know about Sprinters.

Pleasure-Way Plateau, the SS Agile, and the Winnebago View are some of the most popular Sprinter RVs. Whether your Sprinter needs a minor service, or a major overhaul before a cross-country trip, you can bring it to us. We provide complete Sprinter maintenance, diagnostics and repairs.

Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service can provide mobile Sprinter RV repairs as well. If you are stranded on the road, we can help. But for major overhauls, or to get your RV ready for the Burning Man, bring your Sprinter to our shop in Concord. We will be happy to get it in top shape before you head out into the desert.

Call Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Service at 925-288-0766 for appointment.

Sprinter RVs are surprisingly roomy, and a pleasure to drive. If properly maintained, they offer years of worry free operation. But like all vehicles, they require maintenance. Regular oil changes are a must. Engine oil not only lubricates moving parts, but also cleans and carries away debris. Without regular oil and oil filter changes, your Sprinter engine will suffer premature wear.

If your Sprinter has been in storage, it’s a good idea to bring it to Randy’s for a thorough checkup. And after those wonderful trips are over, it’s a good idea to get your Sprinter serviced before dropping it off at an RV storage park.

We want your vacation to be worry-free, so have our ASE certified technicians give your Sprinter RV a thorough inspection. Call us to set up an appointment 925-288-0766.

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